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Kerry Brack

O'Sullivan's award winning Kerry Brack is enriched with sultanas, cherries and orange peel. It boasts a 110g/100g ratio of fruit to flour.   Along with a hint of mixed spice and vanilla, you have a twist on the traditional Barm Brack, with a firmer texture and one that is a favourite of the people of Kerry. Serve either cold or toasted with lashings of butter. Ideal for adding a twist to bread and butter puddings.

  Per 100g
Energy 311 kcal / 1312 kJ
Fat 6.5
Of which saturates 2.42
Carbohydrates 57.4
Of which sugars 26.5
Fibre 3.3
Protein 7.38
Salt 0.196


Barm Brack

O'Sullivans traditional Barm Brack has a soft and fluffy texture and is packed full of sultanas. Just the right amount of mixed spice is used in the loaf to give it a light warming taste. Serve toasted with butter and you are in for a treat all year around.

  Per 100g
Energy 299 kcal / 1261 kJ
Fat 5.5
Of which saturates 1.97
Carbohydrates 56.7
Of which sugars 4.9
Fibre 3.0
Protein 7.13
Salt  0.49