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We have plenty of wholegrain options; Brown sliced pan, Wholemeal, Soda bread, Spelt (Brown and honey seeded) and our spelt health bread.  By choosing a wholegrain option they contain more nutrients and are often a better choice if you are concerned with weight management.
Wholegrain products are also higher in Fibre, check ingredients listings to ensure “Whole” is the first ingredient listed.  Fibre is an important nutrient in helping with bowel function,blood glucose levels, and cholesterol and weight management.

Wholemeal Bread Nutritional Information:

  Per 100g 
Energy 238 kcal / 1007 KJ
Fat 2.1
Of which saturates 0.57
Carbohydrates 49.0
Of which sugars 2.3
Fibre 5.7
Protein 8.75
Salt 1.30