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O’ Sullivans Products

O’Sullivans Bakery has an established reputation for producing consistently high quality products, using high quality ingredients from established suppliers.

Some of the benefits our breads can deliver to you;

  • Our breads are naturally low in fat, almost all our breads contain less than 3% fat, making them naturally low. Our brown pan contains 2.1g/100g consumed, and our white pan just 1.5g/100g.
  • We use well known, high quality and respected suppliers for all our ingredient like Odlums and Lee Strand.
  • We have plenty of wholegrain options; Brown sliced pan, Wholemeal, Soda bread, Spelt (Brown and honey seeded) and our spelt health bread. By choosing a wholegrain option they contain more nutrients and are often a better choice if you are concerned with weight management. 
  • Wholegrain products are also higher in Fibre, check ingredients listings to ensure “Whole” is the first ingredient listed. Fibre is an important nutrient in helping with bowel function,blood glucose levels, and cholesterol and weight management.
  • We have low GI products; Multiseed * bread (54), Barm Brack (55) and our Kerry Brack (52). The Glycaemic index is a way of ranking individual foods according to the effect they have on blood sugar levels – that is how quickly they are digested. Foods with a low GI (below 56) cause a slow, steady rise in blood glucose sugar levels reducing food cravings and making you feel fuller for longer.
  • We have spelt Breads; Are you wheat intolerant? Or looking for a more nutritious bread? Spelt is higher in protein than wheat, contains higher levels of soluble and insoluble fibre, more vitamin B, less gluten and is digested more easily than wheat. 

Our product range consists of:

  • Sliced pans (White & Brown)
  • Half Pans (White & Brown) 
  • Plain pans (White & Brown)
  • Soda breads 
  • Wholemeal - suitable for a High Fibre Diet
  • Traditional Seed and Butter loaves
  • Bread rolls and burger buns
  • Traditional Irish barm bracks & Our Award Winning Kerry Bracks (Great Taste Gold 2013 & Blas na hEireann Gold 2013)
  • Spelt Breads (White/ Brown/ Honey Seeded)
  • Multiseed Bread - Suitable for a low GI Diet